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Embracing Servant Leadership Diaconate Ministry

The Diaconates ensures that pastor is informed and that prayer requests are submitted to the administrative assistant, as approved by BBC member. Our diaconate ministry is committed to the ministry, assigned to their heart and hands, and they are available to visit those who are sick or are in crisis, and to facilitate others needs. As we continue to grow, it is vitally important that the congregation embrace the servant leadership of the diaconate ministry.


House of Abraham A-G (Diaconate Edwards Brooks, Amon Gardner)

House of Isaac H-N (Diaconate Craig Harrison, Herbert McMgill, Carolyn McGill)

House of Jacob O-Z (Diaconate Marshell Swann)

Our diaconates ministry continues to express the love of God by providing congregational care. We encourage BBC members to contact their Diaconates at time of crisis (sickness, loss, family emergency).