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Transformation Through Family Life Ministry


The Family Life Ministry (FLM) seeks to embody the healing love of Christ by affirming equipping and supporting families to live in healthy resilient relationship. Being a part of a family is indeed a gift from God, and our families care for us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.We, in turn, care for our families in the same way. This cycle of caring is a spiritual, natural, and learned skill. Creating and sustaining healthy relationships is crucial to survey the needs of the church:

couples, singles, parents, children, youth, Happy Young Hearted Seniors, men, women, and based on the needs of laity, and the community, FLM will work in concert with other spiritual leaders to implement family life programs. This involves planning, promotion, recruitment and training of volunteers, delivery of the programs and evaluation. We are so excited about the great things that the family Life Ministry is doing, and look forward to the Women's Ministry as they continue to bloom. The Men's Ministry, under the direction of the Men's Ministry Minister, is gaining momentum as times of special spiritual formation and fellowships are regularly scheduled. As new persons step into lay leadership to help address the needs of our singles and plan exciting times of spiritual formation and fellowship for disciples who are married.

It is our desire as the Family Life Ministry, to assist in strengthening and supporting all of the ministries that help promote a Christ-centered family structure.