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REACH Ministry

REACH Ministry (Reaching Everybody by Adopting Christ’s Heart)

The purpose of the REACH (Evangelism) Ministry is to reveal the heart of Christ to the churched and the un-churched by sharing the gospel (“good news”) about the life-giving and life-changing message of Jesus Christ. (Scriptural Support): Matthew 28:19-20)

The 2022 Thematic Thrust in Action - Sunday, October 30th

BBC set out to worship through service, partnering with 'Rise Against Hunger'.  

With hearts, minds, and hands set to take grace to the streets and visioning our community extending beyond the USA we set out to package meals.

  • each meal packaged will feed 6 individuals
  • 4,320 meals were packaged (in less than 2 hours)

25,920 men, women, and children will be positively impacted by our day of service.

To God be the Glory!

The REACH Ministry Carries out It's Purpose via Several Components


Facilitator - M. R. Jamison, Associate Pastor of Outreach

Outreach reveals the love of Christ outside the walls of the church building by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in tangible ways with those in our local communities.


BBC donates needed items to assist in meeting the current needs of the Afghan population in the community.

Cell Bible Study

Cell Bible Study ministers to individuals who desire to study the Word of GOD in a less traditional (off-site or virtual) environment, as well as those who may be on non-traditional work schedules.

Community Partnerships connect with other organizations & communities of faith to provide worship, learning, and/or fellowship opportunities in various community-based locations.

Locking Arms in Hope

Locking Arms in Hope, partners with and ministers to those diagnosed with cancer and other critical health challenges. Ministry also includes the caregivers of those diagnosed.

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