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The Pastor's Pen

I know that there is a lot going on in this world. We can truly see that Satan is busy. Evil seems to have easy access, invading our communities and schools. Violence has escalated and the images of absolutely inhumane acts towards fellow human beings continue to be seen. It is difficult living in this world, and the challenges grow greater for us every day. But there is hope and security in knowing that God covers us. In a world filled with so much hate, we the people of God can stand strong, knowing that we are covered with the love of God. God marked us with His love. We can find joy in knowing that God loves us, and that we stand before Him covered with His love through Jesus.

We do not have to venture into a particular neighborhood nor engage in a specific activity that would increase the level of danger for us. School houses and sacred places are no longer safe spaces. As we go about our day-to-day activities, we are taking risks. But know this child of God, you are covered by the majestic protection of the Lord. His arms of faithfulness continue to be a shield keeping us from harm. He protects us, and our families from harm. He protects us, and our families from dangers seen and unseen every day. Nothing and no one are able to get around or through His massive, loving arms that surround us.

As you live your life for God, remember that you are covered by His favor. You are covered by God’s covenant through Jesus, and you are sealed with Holy Spirit. You are abundantly blessed. There are things that are yours that can’t be taken from you no matter what happens with the banks, stock market, or government. You are operating under the favor of God and you have access and benefit from things that you did not nor could not earn. Doors shut will be open for you.

Walk in who you were created and called into being, knowing that you are covered by the anointing of God. We not only are covered but are clothed with Christ and His anointing. It was faith that immersed us into Jesus, the Anointed One, and now we are covered and clothed with His anointing. We don’t have to chase after a new anointing. God already has us covered with the gift of Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is not given in part, not distributed in portions, or doses. Today, and every day, moving forward, we have the promise that His divine power has given us everything we need for a Godly life through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness.

So, what can we say about our remaining days here, amid such turmoil, evil, hatred, and pain? Live knowing that you are covered by God. He is everything that you need. He has everything that you need. He has every part of you covered. You are covered by the best with the best. So, live knowing that you are covered with His love, protection, favor, and anointing. Hallelujah! 

Much Love,

God's Peace,

Pastor Harrison